Running with Windows using the Run box…

If you have been using a computer for any amount of time, you know that taking your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse on something can be a time waster. So can hunting for the icon for that program you need. We compensate by putting shortcuts on the toolbar and on the desktop, but sometimes you don’t have it there. And that’s where today’s tip comes in.

If you hold down the Windows key and press R (WinKey-R), Windows will open up a Run prompt for you to run a program.

If you know the shortcut name for the program you want, you can just type it in here. For example, try these:

  • calc (Calculator)
  • sol (Solitaire)
  • freecell (FreeCell)
  • excel (Microsoft Excel, if you have it installed)
  • winword (Microsoft Word, if you have it installed)
  • outlook (Microsoft Outlook, if you have it installed)
  • iexplore (Internet Explorer)
  • chrome (Google Chrome, if you have it installed)
  • firefox (Mozilla Firefox, if you have it installed)
  • cmd (Command Prompt, for old DOS nerds like us!)

There are a ton of others as well. Search on the internet to find them!

Happy Monday!

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